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Dear parents, dear guardians,
As you may have read in the daily press, the Gewerkschaft (GEW), has called on teachers to go on strike on Tuesday 26 February 2019 and Wednesday 27 February 2019. It is already clear that the strike will have a very severe impact on QBES teaching operations. Schools are obliged to offer emergency care on strike days when no lessons can take place.
In the SESB section of the school, the obligation to attend for the whole day until 4 p.m. is waived for both days.
Should you decide on the basis of this information not to send your child to school on one or both days, please send a message to the class teacher as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Nicola Kub (Deputy Headmistress)




Liebe Eltern,
soeben erreichte uns die Info, dass die GEW zu einem weiteren Streik aufgerufen hat. Es soll am 26. und 27. Februar erneut gestreikt werden. Noch können wir keine genaue Stellung nehmen, wie viele Erzieher und Lehrer Streiken werden. Sobald uns mehr Informationen bekannt sind, werden wir Sie sofort informieren.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
i.A. Christina Biernoth


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PDF Download – Mrs. Kub (deputy head) introduces herself

PDF Download – parent letter: study day


And again packages were packed...

Also this year Christmas packages were collected by the Fachbereich "Wertekunde (Lebenskunde/Religion) for the Bahofsmission.
A great campaign to bring the Christmas idea to life.

The established contacts to the Bahnhofsmission in the Jebensstraße (at the zoo) could be resumed without any problems and we welcomed Hila, a fit eighty-year-old as well as Klaus (70 years old) in our school in the 5th grade. So the children could experience convincingly how humanity can look for others. With a lot of enthusiasm and commitment, package after package was loaded into the red bus until the counter stood still at 137.

We were very warmly received by the Bahnhofsmission and would like to pass on to you, dear parents, the great thanks of those responsible.

Renate Tannen(catholic religion teacher)







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